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This is the kind of treatment that is used to recover oral cavity function with the use of bridges or crowns, improving your life style.

Crowns are caps with the shape of the tooth. They are made of metal-ceramic or pure ceramic. They are used in oral rehabilitation to restore a single tooth or more, in the case of a dental bridge.

Fixed bridges are composed of at least three crowns to replace a single missing tooth, placing them on the empty space and on the adjacent teeth in both directions.

Other types of prosthesis are removable bridges. Partial dentures have wire attachments in the extreme sides of the surrounding teeth, and full prostheses are supported by the gums and mucosa of the oral cavity.

Any option you choose, partial or permanent solution, must be based on the state of your mouth, comfort, functionality, and individual needs and budget.


Is restoration treatment painful?

No, performing restoration is not painful as long as a properly anesthesia is applied. At Sonrisas Factory we have an excellent group of professionals and a warm environment that will ensure you have the best experience.

In how much time will I have my new teeth?

It all depends on the complexity of the treatment. Counting on the best of the professionals, dental laboratories, and latest technology allows us to reduce working time and improve the quality of outcomes.

What kind of metal is used for the treatment?

If the treatment is a metal-ceramic fixed prosthesis, it is gold. Several studies have proven that the gold used in dentistry is the only one able to stand and distribute the force, produced by the mouth movements, without any deformation. Gold can provide an excellent seal lasting longer than the other metal used.

It is important to clarify that there is a new generation of dental prostheses, metal-free, and it must be taken into account according to the patient’s needs.

Who is a candidate for a fixed bridge?

You are a proper candidate if dental implants (root replacement by titanium cylinder) are not suitable for you and if your natural teeth are in good periodontal condition (must be strong and the gums in good condition) to serve as support for your dental bridge.

What are vital and non-vital teeth?

A vital tooth is a natural one that is present in the mouth and has not been treated by root canal therapy (endodontics). In contrast, a non-vital tooth is that one with roots that have been extracted. In some cases it changes color and may turn gray or purple.

What is a post-and- core?

A post-and-core is made to repair part of a lost tooth to provide and ensure a better support for a future Crown or fixed bridge. Using composite resins can restore the tooth and a post-and-core made of titanium or fiberglass.

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